Dog Bite Prevention Webinar Summit 

  • Hosted: Kim Merritt
  • Level: Beginner
  • Length: 12 hours
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Lesson series: Dog Professional
Twelve webinars featuring the biggest names in dog bite prevention and behavior. Join veterinarians, professional dog trainers, behaviorist, therapy dog trainers, and more experts as they discuss how to stay safe around dogs and avoid dog bites. Important information for dog professionals, parents, and educators. 
  • Webinar Recordings: 12
  • Downloadable Training Cards: 31
  • Video time: 12 hours

Webinars Included In This Course

The Liability of Dog Bites

Beth DeLaForest of Doggone Insurance and Aspire Insurance Group and Asima Ahmad of legal firm Blank Rome, join Kim Merritt, co-founder of Good Dog in a box and Dogsurance to discuss the growing issue of dog bite and dog injury liability claims and lawsuit and what you can do to protect yourself.

Keeping Kids SAFE Around Dogs

Jen Shryock, founder of Family Paws Parent Education, and Cathy Reisfield, founder of Dependable Dogs and Kids & Dogs Safer Together, join Kim Merritt, co-founder of Good Dog in a box and Dogsurance to discuss how to keep children, toddlers, and babies safe around dogs.

SAFE w/Service & Therapy Dogs

Veronica Sanchez M.Ed. CABC, CPDT-KA, Michelle McCarthy, CDBC, CTAC and Melissa Winkle, OTR/L, FAOTA, join Kim Merritt to discuss the differences in service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support animals in the workplace and how to promote a safe environment around these working dogs.

Dogs In The Workplace

Dr. Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, owners of FL Veterinary Behavior Service and co-owner of Dog Nerds, joins Kim Merritt to discuss the growing trend of allowing dogs in the workplace. Good idea or not?

Avoiding Dog Bites at Work

Shauna Romero, CPDT-KA, behavior and training supervisor for the San Diego Humane Society, joins Kim to discuss how to implement a successful dogs in the workplace program and keep employees who come into contact with dogs as part of their job, safe. 

How To Stay Safe Around Dogs

Mikkel Becker, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, CDBC, CTC, lead trainer for Fear Free Pets, and Kim Merritt, discuss ways to stay safe around dogs at home, on the job, and when you’re out-and-about.

Dog Safety w/Drayton Michaels

Drayton Michaels, CTC, from Urban Dawgs & Pit Bull Guru, and Kim Merritt, co-founder Good Dog in a Box and Dogsurance, discuss dog bite prevention with kids and teens and how to stay safe around all dogs.

Dog Safety w/Tracy Krulik

Tracy Krulik, CTC, CSAT, Canine Separation Anxiety Trainer and Managing Editor of iSpeakDog, and Kim Merritt, co-founder Good Dog in a Box, discuss dog bite prevention and how to stay safe around all dogs.

Dog Safety w/Gila Kurtz

Gila Kurtz, co-founder Dog Is Good, and Kim Merritt, co-founder Good Dog in a Box, discuss dog bite prevention and how to stay safe around all dogs.

Dog Safety w/Jamie Migdal

Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA, founder and CEO of FetchFind, and Kim Merritt, co-founder Good Dog in a Box, discuss dog bite prevention and how to stay safe around all dogs.

Dog Safety w/Mikkel Becker

Mikkel Becker, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, KPA CTP, CDBC, CTC, lead trainer for Fear Free Pets, and Kim Merritt, co-founder Good Dog in a Box, discuss dog bite prevention and how to stay safe around all dogs.

Keeping Kids SAFE Around Dogs

Risë VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC, CAAPT-I, President and Founder of the Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center, and Cathy Reisfield, Founder of Dependable Dogs and Kids & Dogs Safer Together, join Kim Merritt, to discuss dog bite prevention with children and how to stay safe around all dogs.

Learn About Our Guests

Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB
Owner of FL Veterinary Behavior Service
Co-owner Dog Nerds
Co-author of "From Fearful to Fear Free"

Lisa lectures nationally and internationally for veterinarians, their staff and lay people. A published author and published scientific researcher, she serves on the Fear Free Executive Council and the AAHA Behavior Management Task Force. Award recipient of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Resident research award two years in a row.

Rise VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC, CAAPT-1 
Founder, Family Enhancement & Play Therapy Center
Author & Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Dr. VanFleet specializes in the training and supervision of child, family, and play therapy pros as well as the provision of mental health services for children and families. A Licensed Psychologist in PA, she is also a Certified Filial Therapist, Supervisor, and Instructor, a Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. 

Lead Trainer for Fear Free Pets
Author & Featured Trainer on
Co-author of "From Fearful to Fear Free"

A certified behavior consultant and certified trainer who specializes in work with dogs and cats. Mikkel is the co-author of six books. Becker uses positive reinforcement and non-force based training strategies that are rooted in scientific learning theory. 

Melissa Winkle, OTR/L, FAOTA
President, Dogwood Therapy Services
President, Animal Assisted Intervention International

Melissa is an occupational therapist in private practice in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been training service dogs for people with disabilities and training dogs for healthcare/human service providers for 18 years. Melissa uses positive reinforcement and humane, non-force based training methods.

Veronica Sanchez MEd CABC,CPDTKA
Founder Cooperative Paws Service Dog Coach Certificate Program
Veronica teaches pet dog trainers how to incorporate service dog training in their businesses. She wrote the book, Service Dog Coaching: A Guide for Pet Dog Trainers, and is a frequent contributor to publications in professional organizations including the Assoc of Professional Dog Trainers, IAABC, and Pet Pro Guild. 
Cathy Reisfield
Owner & Lead Trainer Dependable Dogs
Founder of Kids & Dogs Safer Together

Cathy has more than twenty years of experience working with humans and dogs, in a variety of settings including hospitals, rehabilitation, business, education, training, and other settings. She’s been training dogs for more than fifteen years. Cathy's nonprofit provides education programs and materials focusing on kids and dogs.

Drayton Michaels, CTC
Founder Urban Dawgs &

Drayton, also known as the Pit Bull Guru, earned his Certification in Dog Training and Behavior Counseling from the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, directed by Jean Donaldson and Janis Bradley. He is a reward based training and behavior consultant for Pit Bulls and large breed dogs of all ages. 

Jennifer Shryock, B.A. CDBC
Founder, Family Paws Parent Education

Jennifer is a certified dog behavior consultant and holds a degree in special education. She has proudly served as a board member of the International Childbirth Education Association. A recognized expert on dog and baby/toddler interactions and safety, Jennifer has written and spoken extensively on these topics.

Tracy Krulik, CTC, CSAT
Canine Separation Anxiety Trainer
Founder & Managing Editor of iSpeakDog

N VA-based certified canine separation anxiety trainer and honors graduate of Jean Donaldson’s prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, Tracy, is the managing editor of iSpeakDog–a website and public awareness campaign to teach dog body language and behavior. Krulik trains dogs with separation anxiety for the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C

Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA
Founder & CEO FetchFind
Professional Dog Trainer

Jamie Migdal, CPDT-KA, has been innovating within the pet industry for nearly 25 years. Having built three national pet service companies and worked with more than 20,000 dogs and 100,000 clients. Her current company provides staff training and business solutions to pet care service companies.

Gila Kurtz
Co-founder Dog Is Good
Puppy Training Expert

Gila Kurtz is a serial entrepreneur who found her deepest passion in working with dogs and their people. She is a co-founder and co-owner of Dog is Good, a lifestyle brand for dog lovers that sells a broad array of products to celebrate and “share the unique joy one feels living life with Dog”. 

Shauna Romero, CPDT-KA
Behavior and Training Supervisor for the San Diego Humane Society

Shauna Romero is the past Community Training Coordinator and present Behavior and Training Supervisor at the San Diego Humane Society. She has implemented dogs in the workplace programs and brings her special needs dog to work with her.

Michelle McCarthy, CDBC
Owner & Director Training for K9 Home Schooling
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant - IAABC

Michelle provides force free/clicker training methods in SE MI. She is a nationally recognized Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and Certified Therapy Animal Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She has completed advanced certification  in canine behavioral studies.

Beth DeLaForest
Owner Doggone Insurance & Aspire Insurance Group

Beth is the owner of the Aspire Insurance Group, a full service Independent Insurance Agency licensed in MN and WI, that is part of Insurance Producers Network, and Doggone Insurance, a one stop shop for animal liability insurance, breed friendly homeowners insurance, and home insurance after a liability claim.

Asima Ahmad
Labor and Employment Litigation Attorney

Asima Ahmad concentrates her practice on labor and employment litigation and counseling, and has experience with animal policies and litigation matters. She regularly represents clients in state and federal court and before administrative agencies in a broad range of employment matters.

You'll Learn

Tip #1

Legalities revolving around dog bites, dogs in the workplace, service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals.
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Tip #2

Dog safety and bite prevention around babies, toddlers, and children of all ages.

Tip #3

What every employer needs to know that has employees that come into contact with dogs during their work day or has dogs in the workplace.
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Meet your hostess

Kim Merritt

Five years ago, my sister, professional reward based dog trainer Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, and I founded Good Dog Enterprises. We developed a dog bite prevention curriculum for children called SAFE, to help decrease the number of children bitten each year by dogs. Today, our curriculum is used around the world by dog training professionals, veterinarians, and educators. Now our program has been redesigned for corporate use by businesses and organizations who allow dogs in the workplace or have employees who encounter dogs while on the job. Make Dogsurance dog bite prevention training part of your health and safety program for all employees.

Course Lessons

It is our hope that you learn valuable information about dog bite prevention through our webinars. The experts sharing their information and knowledge have decades of experience in avoiding dog bites. Feel free to watch and rewatch these webinars at your leisure and convenience.

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and you'll be provided continuous access to the training videos. Take your time and watch them as many times as you like. Repetition is good for everyone. 

Was this written by a professional dog trainer?

Yes it was. Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, was a professional reward based dog trainer for more than thirteen years. She was also Fear Free certified and a Tellington TTouch Guild Member.

What does reward based dog training mean?

Reward based dog training or positive reinforcement dog training uses praise and/or treats to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do. Dogs quickly learn what behavior to repeat to get praise and rewards. Reward based training does not use punishment, force, or any type of training device that injures or hurts your dog.