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Good Dog in a box features fun, reward based dog training products, games, and online training for dog owners and families with kids and dogs.

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Good Dog Pro is for professionals who work around dogs. Curriculums, training materials, and continuing education for dog trainers, vets, shelters & educators.

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Dogsurance features occupational dog bite prevention training for employees who come into contact with dogs on the job. Teach safety around dogs at work.

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Learn to "talk dog" and be SAFER and smarter around all dogs. 

That dog looks friendly, but is it safe to approach or is it warning you to stay away? We all know to keep away if a dog is growling, but what if a dog is licking its lips, yawning, or shaking off? Are those behaviors to be concerned about? How about if a strange dog approaches you? What do you do? Learn how to read dog body language to know when a dog is safe or dangerous to approach.
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Learn to be smart and SAFE around dogs

Our online training courses are made for companies, employees, pet owners, parents, pet professionals and anyone who comes into contact with dogs. Explore are course offerings below. 

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Discover what some of the top names in dog bite prevention had to say about our programs.
“Your materials I think are wonderful for professionals who work with kids and dogs, but also for families...they are very playful and attractive that kdis would enjoy.”

Rise VanFleet, PhD, RPT-S, CDBC

Intl Institute for Animal Assisted Play Therapy and author of numerous books including "The Human Half of Dog Training"
“I found this all to be very complete and easy to follow. The creative games were a hit for all ages and really made learning about dogs and behavior fun.”

Jennifery Shryock, B.A. CDBC

Owner of Family Paws Parent Education and certified dog behavior consultant
“What I love about what you have created is the whole concept that this (dog bite prevention) doesn't have to be scary.”

Cathy Reisfield

Family Paws Educator & Owner Dependable Dogs
“We love it! My son couldn't stop watching the videos. I'm really surprised how much of an interest he now takes in our dogs. Him having these exercises as a step-by-step guide is amazing. He's excited and wants to work with the dogs every day. My dogs are equally as excited to work with him. He needed this in a program that was for him. ”

Kim Sauer

Owner Sit n' Stay Pet Services & Family Paws Educator
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Of all dog bites happen to children
Manage your risk

Even cute little dogs can bite

Dog bites are not breed specific, size of dog specific, or age specific. Any dog can bite, even dogs you've known for years. The more you know about dog body language and how dogs communicate, the safer and smarter you'll be around dogs, on and off the job. 
Risk mitigation

Dog bites are expensive

If employees get bitten by a dog on the job, your organization can be looking at a workman's comp claim, medical expenses, time off, ill will, and a potential law suit. In 30 minutes, you can minimize the risk of dog bites with our online training program. 

Dog bites in the US annually

Seek medical care from bites

Average dog bite claim in 2021

Liability claims from dog bites in 2021
Meet Our Instructors

Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS

Jenn had a fulfilling career as a a professional dog trainer for more than 13 years. She was also  a guild certified Tellington TTouch companion animal practitioner for 10 years. Jenn was Fear Free certified, a Family Paws Parent Educator, a Maxwell Award nominee, and she's been published in “Dog Fancy,” “The Dog Trainer’s Resource 3,” and “The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.” She's also been seen on “CBS This Morning.” Jenn is the creator of the SAFE dog bite prevention program.
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Teaching Dog Bite Prevention To All Ages

Kim Merritt

Kim is the co-founder of Good Dog Enterprises, a dog products and training company that focuses on reward-based dog training, dog bite prevention, and humane education. Kim co-wrote the Reach and Teach Humane Education curriculum and the SAFE Dog Bite Prevention curriculum, with her sister, professional dog trainer Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA. In light of the increase risk and incidents of dog bites in the workplace, the curriculum has been updated for adults and a corporate audience. 
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