SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Curriculum

The SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Program is a fun and engaging way to teach kids (K-6th grade) and adults how to stay SAFE around dogs they know and dogs they don’t know. Includes physical products that will be shipped to you and downloadable curriculum materials, available instantly.

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  • Course Length

    1.5 to 2 Hours
  • Games

    Includes Dog Smart
  • Category

    Dog Bite Prevention
  • Content

    Video, PowerPoints, Curriculum
Safe Dog Bite Prevention Curriculum

Discover SAFE Presentations

What can you do in your community to decrease dog bites with children?
Educational materials that make learning how to be safe around dogs fun, not scary.
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The program is entirely scripted and comes with: downloadable 15 page program guide, 1 Dog Smart Card Game, 50 SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Game postcards, downloadable Powerpoint, downloadable videos, additional downloadable puzzles and games to copy, and downloadable certificate of completion master.

This program includes how to stay SAFE around dogs you know and dogs you don’t know, how to meet a new dog, and how to ‘talk dog’ with dog body language. Comes with two 45 to 60 minute units that can be taught together or separately. For Kindergarten through sixth grade.

Who can benefit from this curriculum?

Anyone that would like to educate their community and children on dog bite prevention.
Dog Trainers
Girl & Boys Clubs Leaders
Homeschool Parents
Shelter Workers
Community Volunteers
some of our customers
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Course contents

Kids & adults will learn

 How to read dog body language cues 

Learn tips to evaluate a situation where a dog is present, to know if that dog is safe to be near. 

 Know what to do if approached by a stray dog 

You have seconds to respond appropriately. Do you know what to do to minimize a dog bite? You'll learn a quick 4-step approach to diffuse a situation. 

 Proper way to safely meet a dog 

There's a right way and a wrong way. Our training will tell you how to minimize risk in meeting a new dog.

SAFE Dog Bite Prevention Curriculum Includes:

 Designed for educators, parents, girl scouts, boy scouts, 4-H clubs, homeschoolers, shelters, and volunteers

 Comes with 2 scripted PowerPoints, one for kids and one for adults

 Kids presentations are designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade

 Learn to 'talk dog' with dog body language

 Includes Dog Smart Card Game and pack of 50 SAFE game 4x6 post cards, mailed separately
 Curriculum manual is a 15 page downloadable PDF

 Includes downloadable games and puzzles to copy and hand out

 Includes a downloadable certificate of completion master

 Includes how to stay SAFE around dogs you know and dogs you don't know

 Learn how to meet a new dog 

 Two 45 to 60 minute units can be taught separately or together

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Teaching the next generation of dog owner

We believe teaching children how to be safe around dogs, will lead to less dog bites and fewer family dogs ending up in animal shelters. The safe dog prevention program is a complete curriculum for teaching elementary age children about the importance of the dog safety. Any dog can bite, even family dogs.

When adults and children know how to read dog body language, everyone can be safer around dogs. This fun and engaging program teaches the safe dog bite prevention game that any child can learn how to play.
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Dog Bite Prevention Game

104 card deck teaches dog bite prevention through dog body language pictures. Play dozens of classic card and math games. Fun for all ages.

SAFE Game  Postcard

A fifty pack of our dog bite prevention postcards, especially for kids. SAFE game around strange dogs on the front and dogs you know on the back.

Girl Scout Patch & Postcard Pack

Our patch pack can by used by Girl Scouts, Brownies, 4-H, etc. and comes with 10 patches and SAFE game postcards. Use with the SAFE program.

Dog Smart Online Game

Our dog bite prevention card game is now available as an online game. Play different rounds to learn dog safety through dog body language. 

Meet the instructor

Kim Merritt

Five years ago, my sister, professional reward based dog trainer Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, and I founded Good Dog Enterprises. We developed a dog bite prevention curriculum for children called SAFE, to help decrease the number of children bitten each year by dogs. Today, our curriculum is used around the world by dog training professionals, veterinarians, and educators. Now our program has been redesigned for corporate use by businesses and organizations who allow dogs in the workplace or have employees who encounter dogs while on the job. Make Dogsurance dog bite prevention training part of your health and safety program for all employees.
Meet the instructor

Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA

Jenn had a fulfilling career as a a professional dog trainer for more than 13 years. She was also  a guild certified Tellington TTouch companion animal practitioner for 10 years. Jenn was Fear Free certified, a Family Paws Parent Educator, a Maxwell Award nominee, and she's been published in “Dog Fancy,” “The Dog Trainer’s Resource 3,” and “The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.” She's also been seen on “CBS This Morning.” Jenn is the creator of the SAFE dog bite prevention program.

Course Lessons

It is our hope that your family comes together to work with your family dog through this program and it provides many opportunities over the upcoming months to enjoy each other and have fun. Not every lesson will be perfect and not every dog will pick up a new skill on the first try, but that's OK. Keep practicing and feel free to contact us with questions or problems. Good luck and starting training!

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and you'll be provided continuous access to the training videos. Take your time and watch them as many times as you like. Repetition is good for everyone. 

Was this written by a professional dog trainer?

Yes it was. Jenn Merritt, CPDT-KA, BS, was a professional reward based dog trainer for more than thirteen years. She was also Fear Free certified and a Tellington TTouch Guild Member.

What does reward based dog training mean?

Reward based dog training or positive reinforcement dog training uses praise and/or treats to reward your dog for doing something you want him to do. Dogs quickly learn what behavior to repeat to get praise and rewards. Reward based training does not use punishment, force, or any type of training device that injures or hurts your dog.